Zyanya "Sky" Rivero


Zyanya Rivero


Age 22 Sex F Height 1.68m Thin
Nationality Amazonia
Description Refugee from the Azt-Am war.

Race D Attributes A Magic B Skills D Resources E


Body 3 Agility 3 Essence 6 Magic 5
Reaction 4 Strength 2 Initiative 9+1d6 Matrix Init. 9+1d6
Willpower 5 Logic 5 Astral Init 10+2d6 Composure 10
Intuition 5 Charisma 5 Judge Intent 10 Memory 10
Edge 4 Edge Points 4 Lift/Carry 30/20kg Movement 6/12
Phys. Limit 4 Mental Limit 7 Social Limit 7
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value
Home Ground (Astral Acclimation) 10 Code of Honour (Code of Wuxia) 0
Mentor Spirit (Raven) 5 Distinctive Style 5
Family Curse 5
Phobia (Uncommon, Mild) (Aichmophobia) 5


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Automatics 2 5
Artisan 2 7
Assenssing Aura Reading 2 7 (9)
Con Fast Talk 3 10 (12)
Etiquette Street 1 6 (8)
Negotiation Bargaining 1 6 (8)
Counterspelling 5 10
Spellcasting Manipulation 10 (14)
Summoning Guardian 5 10 (12)
Knowledge Skills
L: Spanish N N
L: English 4 9
Area Knowledge: Seattle 2 7
Art Gardening 1 6 (8)
Gangs 3 8
Magical Theory 3 8
Magical Threats 3 8
Parazoology 1 6
Underworld 2 7


Spell Domain Type Range Duration Drain Damage Source
Ball Lightning (Limited) Combat P LOS (A) I F-2 P CRB, p284
Detect Enemies Detection M T S F-2 - CRB, p286
Heal Health M T P F-4 - CRB, p288
Phantasm (Limited) Illusion M LOS (A) S F-3 - CRB, p291
Armour Manipulation P LOS S F-2 - CRB, p292
Compel Truth Manipulation M LOS Special F-1 - SG, p114
Control Thoughts (Limited) Manipulation M LOS S F-3 - CRB, p293
Influence Manipulation M LOS P F-1 - CRB, p293
Levitate Manipulation P LOS S F-2 - CRB, p293
Shapechange Manipulation P LOS S F-3 - SG, p118


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Colt Cobra TZ-120 5 7P - - 4 (5) ? Folding stock, gas-vent 2 system, laser sight


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast
Stick & Shock SMG 100 -2S -5 -


Armour Rating Description
Armor jacket 12
Total 12


  • Hermes Ikon comlink
  • Fake SIN (Valentina Rosco), Rating 1
  • Fetish x3
  • Reagents (40)


  • Barrens (Low)


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sense Seat


Name C/L Occupation Note
Cayenne 3/1 Talismonger
Gunderson 3/3 Fixer
Isac Alves 2/3 Street Doc


Amount Notes New Total
+5 First run 5
+2 RP 7
+5 Second Run 12


Amount Notes New Total
2500 First run 2500

Zyanya was born in Amazonia, in the town of Valledupar, in the province of Colombia. Her father was working on the plants of coffee near the town, while her mother was a nurse at a local clinc. Being SINless, both of them, they weren’t the richest, but it could have been much worse. Especially when Zyanya Awakened, and could help her family with the odd jobs only one such as her could accomplish. From twelve to eighteen, she was apprenticed to an old woman, called Maya. From her, she learned almost everything she knows, and she was the one who guided Zyanya towards Raven. More importantly, Maya tought her about the old ways, those that had her flee Aztlan and Aztechnology: Maya followed the Aztech tradition. She was even quite the traditionalist, which was the origin of many arguments between Teacher and Pupil, for Zyanya wasn’t really.

But all changed when the Azt-Am war came on their doorstep. One evening, everything was fine. The next morning, Zyanya had lost everything: her home, her parents, even her teacher. Zyanya became a refugee, fleeing the Aztlan troops to the north, until she reached the coast, like thousands of others. She got lucky however, and was able to bargain some services to get on a boat bound to the Kingdom of Hawa├». Most couldn’t. She didn’t stop in Hawa├» though, and soon continued on towards the UCAS. She never settled in one place for long, always on the move. Not that she feared for her safety by then, but like a kite in the wind, going wherever her steps brought her.

Mostly, she followed Raven. She didn’t have any idea as to where she wanted to be, what she wanted to do so…she might as well just follow her totem. There are worse choices than that. At some point, she reached the region of Seattle. And stopped there. It’s been a few months now, and Zyanya – or Sky as she’s called now – has grown some roots now. She has an apartment, and even a small garden she tries to take care of. It’s not much, but there are no weeds, and it grows. Maybe some day, she will be proud of it.

She doesn’t possess much, and needs even less. But from time to time, she gets some work from a guy called Gunderson. Mostly, it’s a way to stave of boredom. To do something with her time. Plus, it pays the bill. When he calls her, Gunderson often insists she buys a better comlink. More stuff. And rents a better apartment. But all of that really doesn’t hold much attraction to her. Plus, she’s pretty sure Gunderson only says that to have her take more jobs to pay for all that…

Zyanya "Sky" Rivero

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