Name: Twist
Alias: None
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Nationality: UCAS
Lifestyle: Low
Karma Spent: 15
Physical Description:
Skinny, lanky kid, can’t be more than 17, with the compact build of a runner or other type of athlete. Wears a beat-up Urban Explorer Jumpsuit with patched knees and elbows that is a size too small for her, and has a courier’s bag on her back.

Twist has been on the streets literally since the day she was born (her mom gave birth behind a Stuffer Shack dumpster), and quickly learned to use her wits to survive. Growing up in the Barrens was difficult and often dangerous, and her mother died of an OD by the time she was 5, leaving just her and her sister (dad was never in the picture). She got taken in by Gunderson’s affiliates as a runner (of messages, not the shadows), and has been doing that for them for more than a decade. Recently, her latent technomancer abilities have blossomed, giving her a set of useful skills which she has decided to put to use taking bigger jobs so that she can get off the streets and see her sister go to college.

Body / Agility / Reaction / Strength
2 / 3 / 2 / 2
Charisma / Intuition / Logic / Willpower
3 / 4 / 4 / 4
Edge / Resonance / Essence / Initiative
4 / 5 / 6 / 6 + 1d6

Positive Qualities
Data Anomaly (3 Karma)
Focused Concentration x2 (8 Karma)
School of Hard Knocks (4 Karma)

Negative Qualities
Code of Honor: White Hats, Code of the Hacker
Dependent (Little Sister) (-6 Karma)
Lightweight (-6 Karma)
Prejudiced vs Police (Biased, -3 Karma)

Active Skills
Electronics Skill Group 5
Blades (Knives +2) 3
Compiling (Courier Sprites +2) 4
Electronic Warfare (Sensor Operations +2) 3
Etiquette (Street +2) 3
Hacking 2
Navigation (Urban +2) 2
Negotiation (Diplomacy +2) 3
Perception 2
Registering (Courier Sprites +2) 4
Running (Urban +2) 4
Sneaking (Urban +2) 2
Survival (Urban +2) 2
Tracking 1

Knowledge Skills
Area Knowledge – Seattle (Barrens +2) 4
Gangs (Barrens +2) 4
Shadowlands Gossip 2
Underworld (Barrens +2) 3

Language Skills
English N
Chinese 2
Cityspeak 3
Or’Zet 2

Complex Forms
Resonance Spike
Resonance Veil

Gear (11,925¥)
Combat Knife 300¥
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (w/ Concealable Holster, Flashlight, Directional Jammer (Rtg 4), Directional Jammer (Rtg 4) 2,425¥
Urban Explorer Helmet (w/ Sensor Array Rtg 4 (Atmosphere Sensor, Camera, Cyberware Scanner, Directional Microphone, Motion Sensor, Olfactory Sensor, Radio Signal Scanner, Ultrasound)) 4,100¥
Fake SIN Rtg 1 2,500¥
Unspent Nuyen 695¥

Contact Type C/L
Gunderson Fixer 4/1
Sgt. Lawrence Beat Cop 3/1
Cracker Underground Group NA

Build Point totals: 10 = Resonance B + Skills B + Attributes C + Metatype D + Resources E + 1



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