Part-time DocWagon Medic, full-time risk taker


Attributes A (4) – 24 Points
Skills C (2) – 28 Skills / 2 Skill Groups
Metatype C (2) – Ork
Resources D (2) – 50,000 nuyen
Magic E (0) – Mundane

Body 7
Agility 5
Reaction 4
Strength 7
Willpower 3
Logic 4
Intuition 4
Charisma 3
Edge 1
Essence 5.00

Initiative: 8 + 2d6 (Normal)
Initiative: 9 + 3d6 (Cram)
Initiative: 8 + 4d6 (Kamikaze)
Initiative: 9 + 4d6 (Jazz)

Qualities – Positive
Drug Tolerant (+2 dice Addiction tests)
Jack of All Trades

Qualities – Negative
Code of Honor (Hippocratic Oath)
Day Job – 10 hours (Doc Wagon Medic)
Sinner (Corporate Limited)

Biotechnology: 15
Blades (Knives): 510 (7)12
Chemistry: 15
Clubs : 16
Cybertechnology : 15
Disguise: 26
Etiquette: 4 7
First Aid: 59
Intimidation 14
Longarms (Shotgun): 59 (7) 11
Medicine (Trauma Surgery): 27 (4)9
Negotiation: 25
Palming: 2 7
Perception(Visual): 37 (5)9
Pilot Ground Craft: 15
Pistols: 16
Running: 18
Sneaking: 27
Throwing Weapons: 16
Unarmed Combat: 16

Skill Groups
Stealth: 2

Knowledge/Language Skills
Street Drugs: 37
AK Seattle (Redmonds): 37 (5)9
Bars and Clubs: 37
Gangs: 48
Yakuza: 26

Boosted Reflexes

Gear – Armor
Lined Coat
Ballistic Mask
___Respirator 4
Forearm Guards

Gear – Weapons
Combat Knife (9P, -3 AP)
Defiance T-250 Short-Barrel
___2 Clip Gel Rounds (9S, 0 AP)
___1 Clip Regular Rounds (9P, -1 AP)
Winchester Model 2054
___2 Clip Stick ’n Shock Rounds (9S, -5 AP)
___1 Clip Regular Rounds (11P, -1 AP)
Colt Agent Special
___1 Clip Hollow Point Rounds (9P, +2 AP)
___Concealable Holster
Stun Baton (9S, -5 AP)
Crowbar (10P, 0 AP, x2 STR for opening doors/containers)

Gear – Ammo
6 Stick ’n Shock Shotgun Rounds
3 Gel Shotgun Rounds
6 Regular Shotgun Rounds
12 Hollow Point Light Pistol Rounds
2 Flash-Bang Grenades
2 Smoke Grenades

Gear – Biotech
Medkit – Rating 4
___3 Supplies
Vasotech MD-3X Autoinjection Gun
___3 Crash (as Trauma Patch)
___3 Neostigmine (anti-Paralytic)
___3 Ondanstron (anti-Nausea)
9 Bliss (-1 REA, +1 all Thresholds, -1 all Limits, High Pain Tolerance 3) 1 Combat Turn, Duration 1 hour
10 Cram (+1 REA, +1d6 Initiative) 10 minutes, Duration 5 hours
10 Jazz (+1 REA, +1 Physical Limit, +2d6 Initiative) Immediate, Duration 10 × 1d6 Minutes
9 Long Haul (stay awake 4 days) 10 minutes, Duration 4 days
2 Kamikaze (+1 BOD/AGI/WIL, +2 STR, +2 Physical Limit, +2d6 Initiative, High Pain Tolerance 3) Immediate, Duration 10 × 1d6 Minutes
2 Stim Patch – Rating 4 (remove 4 boxes of Stun, 40 minutes, 5S after)
2 Antidote Patch – Rating 4 (+4 vs. Toxins if applied within 20min)

Gear – Comms/IDs
Renraku Sensei
Fake Sin – Rating 2: Dr. Benjamin Pierce
___Fake License – Rating 2: Medical License
___Fake License – Rating 2: Firearms License
___Fake License – Rating 2: Concealed Carry License
Certified Credstick, Silver

Gear – Electronics
Contacts – Rating 2
___Vision Magnification
___Image Link
Handheld Sensor Housing – Rating 3
___Cyberware Scanner
___MAD Scanner

Gear – Lifestyle
Low Lifestyle – 1 month
Doc Wagon Basic Contract – 1 year
Thundercloud Mustang (w/Anti-Theft System – Rating 2)

Remaining Money: 4269 nuyen

Gunderson: 3/1
Gang Leader (Nukes): 2/3

Karma Expenditure
15 Starting Karma
+15 Sinner (Corporate Limited)
+0 for Day Job – 10 hours (Doc Wagon Medic)
+0 for Code of Honor (Hippocratic Oath)
-6 Drug Tolerant
-2 Jack of All Trades
-2 Biotechnology 1
-2 Chemistry 1
-2 Clubs 1
-2 Negotiation 1
-2 Pilot Ground Craft 1
-2 Pistols 1
-2 Running 1
-2 Throwing Weapons 1
-2 Unarmed Combat 1

Remaining: 8


Malcolm Wincott had a good corporate upbringing, with the kind of life that most chummers only dream of: a good home, loving parents, and a bright future. A bit of a bookworm, Malcolm studied hard and got good grades, good enough to get into med school. He had dreams of becoming a trauma surgeon at a top hospital, but such dreams were not to be. Although he excelled in school, his success fostered envy and even hate in those that still harbored the bigotries of the past, those that felt that an Ork shouldn’t even be allowed in the same school as humans. At first the harassment was the usual stuff, Humanis trids left in his dorm, that kind of thing, but these only made him more determined. He studied harder and continued to excel. The incidents escalated, blood smeared on the door, dead lab animals in his car. But Malcolm was not deterred and was on track to finish his first year at the top of his class. That was when the drugs were discovered missing from the campus pharmacy. Records showed he was the last person to have access before the theft and although Malcolm protested his innocence, when the missing drugs showed up in his room he was expelled from school. Malcolm couldn’t go home. He couldn’t face his parents knowing that all their dreams for him were now in ruin, so he sold his bike and bought a one way ticket to Seattle.

Starting over in Seattle wasn’t that hard, a little hacking of the med school records to say that he had quit instead of being kicked out, and he was able to get a job with Doc Wagon as an EMT. Malcolm saw a lot of drek working the Barrens. Stuff he’d only seen in trids. The gangers shot up so bad they were more lead than meat, he could take that, but the kids caught in the crossfire was hard to take. His past weighed heavily on him and he took to drinking and then drug use: Long Haul for those overnight shifts, a little Bliss to take the edge off and maybe the occasional shot of Novacoke. He knew how much he could take and when he could take it so that it wouldn’t affect his job, but If it wasn’t for his natural constitution he’d be have been a burn-out long ago.

One night after a long shift, Malcolm was headed home when he spotted the aftermath of another turf war. Living near the border of the Nukes territory he’d seen plenty of this before. He checked the bodies for any signs of life, and was surprised to find one still breathing. Barely breathing, but breathing nonetheless. The Ork had at least a half of dozen bullets in him and was still hanging on. A shot of Crash and some road-side surgery, and Malcolm managed to keep the Ork alive long enough to get him to the hospital.

He had all but forgot about the incident until a few weeks later when a posse of Nukes road up on him with his former patient at the head of the pack. Turns out, that tough bastard was the leader of the Nukes. He and his boys had been ambushed by the Rusty Stilletos and left for dead. The ganger didn’t thank him.. not exactly.. instead he offered him work. “A guy like you could be useful to us. Maybe you could use a little cash on the side?” Malcolm fell in with Nukes. At first, it was just patching up their guys after the drek hit the fan, but as time went on he seemed to find himself closer and closer to the action.

Lately Malcolm (now known as “Killdare” on the street) has been burning the candle at both ends, working for Doc Wagon during the day and taking freelance jobs at night. He still does the occasional job for the Nukes, but more and more he gets work from others that have heard about his skills. Try as he might, he can’t escape his past and the dreams of a life that will never be. His drug use is getting worse, but he still manages to keep it under control. He’s begun to cut back his hours at Doc Wagon and takes just about any job he’s offered. Half of him wants to put together enough money to open his own Street Clinic, while the other half hopes the next job will kill him.


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