Elena Molovna Tamarov

Stripper/Prostitute Assassin


Age 27 Sex F Height 1.68m
Nationality: Russian
Description: Assassin using strip bar and prostitution/call girl as a cover

Race E Attributes A Magic E Skills C Resources B


Body 3 Agility 5 Essence .035 Magic 0
Reaction 5/7 Strength 5/9/8 Initiative 12+2d6 Matrix Init.
Willpower 4 Logic 2 Astral Init Composure 8
Intuition 5 Charisma 5 Judge Intent 9 Memory 6
Edge 3 Edge Points 3 Lift/Carry 30/20kg Movement 10m/20m +2
Phys. Limit 7 Mental Limit 5 Social Limit 5
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value

Biocompatibility (Cyberware) 5 Code of Honour (Assassin’s Creed) 0
Restricted Gear 10 COnsumate Professional 3
Emotional Attachment (Saphire Knife) 5
Impassive 7


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes

AGILITY 5/8(Main Hand)/8(Off Hand)
Blades (Knives) 5 (7)
Sneaking 2

Disguise 4

Con 5
Etiquette 2
Negotiation 2
Leadership 2
Performance 5
Impersonation 5

Pilot Ground Craft 1

Knowledge Skills

L: Russian N
L: Chinese 3
L. English 3
L. Japanese 3

Erotic Dance 2
Sex Techniques 3


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Saphire Knife 6 8 0 -3 Gecko Grip, Personalized Grip

Armour Rating Description
Armor Clothing 6 YNT Softweave, 2 x Concealed Pockets, Concealed Holster, Fire 1, Chemical 1 Electricity 1, Electrochromatic
Customized Mask 2 Low Light Vision, Flare Compensation, Respirator 6
Cyber Arm 2
Cyber Arm 2
Orthoskin 1
Plastic Bone Lacing 1
Total 14

Plastic Bone Lacing
Orthoskin 1
Breast Implant 2.0
False Face
Radar Sensor 1
Reaction Enhancer 1
Skin Toner
Wired Reflexes 1
Voice Modulator
Cyber Arm (Main) Synthetic, Cyberfinger (Injector), Cyberfinger (Light), Agility 8, Strength 6, Armor 2,
Cyber Arm (Off Hand) Synthetic, Agility 8, Strength 6, Armor 2, Smuggling Compartment


MCT Blue Defender
Credstick, Silver
Contacts R3 Polychromic Lens, Vision Enhancement 2
Earbuds R3 Audio Enhancement 1, Spatial Recognizer
Narcoject (4 x doses)
Smart Wig w. Trode Net
Tool Kit, Disguise

Elena Molovna Tamarov, Barrens (Low) Room above strip club, escape tunnel, local bar patron, local grid, fake SIN R2, Fake licenses R2 for implants and Knife

Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sense Seat

Name C/L Occupation Note
Marina Voltov 2/4 Street Doctor
Gunderson 3/3 Fixer
Tim Bailey 2/4 Club Owner

Amount Notes Earned/Spent 6/0
15 of 15 10 on Logic 2, 5 on Gear, 5 on Biocompatibility, 10 on Restricted Gear – Falseface

Amount Notes New Total
3070 On Credstick


Yentna Ilinova Timishenko was born in a suburb of Moscow to Magda Lentov, a prostitute who never wanted much to do with her. Her father was some sperm donor who had paid a few nuyen for the privilege of having sex in a dim alley on the way home from a boring job to see his boring wife and boring kids. Unable to afford a real abortion and fearful of what she had heard about the local street abortionist’s record of dead mothers, Magda had decided to have the baby and try to have it adopted. Unfortunately, fate has a way of derailing plans and the market for adopted Russian babies dried up at about the time Yenta was born.

Magda took her unwanted child to a local priest and signed papers giving up all claim to the girl, who was placed in a Russian State orphanage. From the beginning, Yenta was a very quiet and withdrawn child, mostly ignoring the other children and the people who ran the institution. She was a very pretty girl and the orphanage administrators had high hopes of placing her with a family and she was sent to live with several families but was always brought back with comments that she was completely unresponsive to any attempt to give her love, as if she could not show emotion. The last attempt at adoption was when she was ten. The family brought her back after only three days, claiming that she had tried to kill the child of their neighbor for some slight or another.

The institution administrators came to the conclusion that they might have a psychological problem on their hands and sent her to another institution, one for people with emotional issues. At the asylum, she became even more withdrawn, but this time the people did not care. They had far too many violent people on their hands to worry about a young girl that kept to herself. Then a man came to the asylum looking for people that fit a very specific profile. He was shown the records of several adults, but rejected all of them as too old for his purposes.. His comments raised some concerns in the mind of the administrators, but those were quickly assuaged with large sums of cash. The tattoos one the man’s arm indicating that he was Vory also helped. Even in those days, no one wanted to defy the Vory. Yenta, now twelve, was mentioned by someone as a possible fit for the man’s requirements and she was brought to be interviewed. After three hours talking to her, the man paid some more money and walked out of the asylum with Yenta and had received assurances that all records of her existence at the institution would be erased, effectively making her a non-person.

Yenta was taken to a Vory house and trained. Her natural sense of aloneness meant that she was never really able to fit in well, but she did well enough to survive in the harsh criminal underworld that was the Russian Mafia, and the Vory were not really interested in her interpersonal skills. In fact, it was her lack of emotion that made her perfect for the role they envisioned her for………..assassin. Over the next four years she was schooled in various techniques, but excelled in the use of the knife, enjoying the feel of it in her hands. She was allowed to kill a man when she was thirteen; a traitor to the Bratva that had been caught selling secrets to the Federal Security Police. She was excited by the feel of the knife in her hands as it penetrated the man’s skin and his blood flowed over the blade and onto her hands, just what her trainers had hoped for.

Ove the next four years she was taught how to talk in several languages and how to use her body to effect to trap her targets. She was taught sex techniques by successful call girls and was sent to meetings with rich men who paid very good money for sex with an underage prostitute. At sixteen, she was given her first real target; a rich industrialist who was not cooperating with the Vory on certain aspects of protection and security. Yenta was sent to him as a gift to try to bridge the gap between him and her Vory masters, but her real mission was to murder him in his sleep. That was the first of many such contracts and she excelled at all of them. In return, she was “gifted” with several implants that would help this rising star of an assassin survive in the sixth world. By the time she was twenty, her body was crammed with cyberware that allowed her to assume the face and shape of just about anyone. The Vory had created a working tool that they used over and over.

At twenty-four, she was temporarily loaned to a Seattle Bratva that had close ties to Moscow and was having trouble with a politician that was trying to make a name for himself by being hard on crime. Or at least appearing to be hard on crime. He was secretly in the pocket of the Yakuza, who were using him in their own agenda to limit the growing influence of the Vory in the sprawl. Several attempts to kill the man had failed and things were getting rough for the Russians. The Bratva boss had asked for assistance and Moscow sent Yenta to deal with the issue. She spent months working as a high-priced call girl in an effort to build a good background for herself.

The politician managed to get himself engaged to the socialite daughter of his Yakuza boss, a powerful and influential lieutenant of the Seattle syndicate, who threw a large bachelor party for his prospective son-in-law. Yenta had made a name as a discrete call girl and was vetted and selected by the Yaks as one of the girls invited to help celebrate the coming nuptials. The Vory boss was very pleased and ordered her to kill the politician and the Yak lieutenant. At an appropriate time, the politician had all of his attention on the part of him that was inside Yenata and never even saw her draw her favorite knife from an exceptionally well-hidden pocket of the gown that had been “carelessly” draped on the bed next to them. She picked the best moment to kill the man, at least giving him the pleasure of a last orgasm before shoving the knife into his neck. The second target had been enjoying the attention of a second girl in an adjoining room but the activity there had ended at about the time her primary target lay bleeding his life out on the bed under Yenta. She got off the dead man and went into the next room to complete her contract then changed her face and hair before putting her gown back on and changing its color. She walked out of the hotel and reported a successful completion of her contract.

The glee of the Vory Bratva boss was short-lived. Even though Yenta could not be identified and the cover she had used was now erased and led nowhere, the Yaks were sure that the Vory had engineered the deaths. perhaps they only really needed to think that. In any case, the Yakuza boss of Seattle decided that he could not allow such an insult to go unanswered and sent soldiers to the Vory house, killing everyone they could find. Yenta had been at the house, making final arrangements for being sent home to Moscow when the attack came. She was badly wounded and fell unconscious from a stray round that grazed her forehead. The Yaks set the building on fire and Yenta came to to find flames all about her. She managed to crawl to a small escape tunnel that she had once been shown and left the pyre behind her.

Alone and without much in the way of resources, Yenta took stock of her situation and found several truths, the largest being that this was as good a time as any to leave the Vory. After all, she was dead, killed by the Yaks. No matter how she couched what had happened, her Moscow superiors were more than likely to believe that she had somehow been compromised and was responsible for the disaster. They would not be pleased, which translated in Vory-Speak to they would kill her for her perceived failure. Even if she could convince them that none of this was her fault, the Vory were known for cutting losses and she would be a liability, again more Vory-Speak for having a reason to kill her. All of the branches of this train of thought ended the same way……….her dead.

So she took advantage of the opportunity and simply disappeared. She used the last of her stash of nuyen to get a new name and history, but she was forced to use street contacts to avoid giving the Vory any indication that she was still alive. She slipped in near anonymity in the Seattle Barrens and learned to survive. She takes jobs as she can, slowly building up a reputation as a cool operator. She has been befriended by Tim Bailey, the owner of strip bar unsurprisingly named The Tits Up, where she works part time as a hostess, stripper,a nd call girl to make ends meet while she waits for her reputation to build up enough to get her out of here.

Elena Molovna Tamarov

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